6 – Jun : Summer Banquet 2017 ,Cutlers’ Hall

By kind permission of the Master Cutler, the Guild of Entrepreneurs is delighted to hold the Summer Banquet 2017 at Cutlers’ Hall.

The Summer Banquet is the second of two principal formal events of the Guild’s year (November’s Installation Court & Dinner being the first), and this year the Guild is honoured to receive as its guests the Prime Warden Shipwright, the Master Actuary and the Master Educator. Dr Doug Gurr will speak after dinner.

This will be a spectacular occasion, in this most beautiful Hall. A sumptuous dinner will be served, preceded by a sparkling reception, itself preceded by a Ceremonial Court to admit new Freemen.

This is an exquisite formal dinner for Freemen, their personal guests, and for friends and guests of the Guild to enjoy a glittering three-course meal with wines in the magnificent and exclusive setting of one of the City’s hidden treasurers.

Doug Gurr – Country Manager, Amazon UK

Before joining Amazon, Doug was lately a senior executive at Asda preceded by his time as Founder and CEO of Blueheath Holdings, a company he took from inception through to its listing on AIM.

Doug holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Mathematics (University of Cambridge) and PhD – Theoretical Computing (University of Edinburgh).

His prior experience, alongside 5 years within the Amazon family, put him in prime position to lead the UK operation at a time of major investment and changed as it launched online groceries and increased headcount.

Author of the survival guide “Staying Alive Off Piste” and a keen Ironman competitor, Doug has clearly demonstrated that he possesses those characteristics of a true entrepreneur both in business and in his “down time”!

Cutlers’ Hall

The fifth and present Cutlers’ Hall was built on land in Warwick Lane, which had been the site of the Royal College of Physicians from 1674 to 1825 and subsequently a foundry. The new Hall was designed by Mr. T. Tayler Smith, the Company’s Surveyor, and came into use on March 7th 1888.

The main feature of the Livery Hall is its Victorian hammer beam roof. Mounted high on the end wall above the canopy hangs a Barge Banner used for the Lord Mayor’s procession in 1763 when the Lord Mayor was Alderman Bridgen, a Cutler. The banner depicts the Arms of the Company and the City, Britannia, the Wand of Mercury, Roman Fasces and the Wand of Aesculapius. Around the walls are displayed shields carried by the members of the Court in the Lord Mayor’s Procession in 1834, when Alderman Henry Winchester, a Cutler, served as Lord Mayor; and again in 1984 when Alderman Sir Alan Traill, also a Cutler, occupied the same office. Behind the Master’s chair (which dates from at least the early 18th century) is a wooden canopy surmounted by the Royal Coat of Arms. This represents the Stuart Arms and is believed to date from about 1670-88. It is believed to have been carved by a contemporary of Grinling Gibbon.

Dress Code : Evening Dress (White Tie)

These directions should be read in conjunction with the appropriate parts of the Customs & Guidelines. Copies are available from the Clerk’s Office.

The dress code for the Summer Banquet is very formal. Evening Dress (white tie) for men consists of a black evening tailcoat suit, white dress shirt with wing collar, white waistcoat and white bow tie. No other colours.

Ladies should wear evening gowns/long dresses or permissible equivalents. Shoulders should be covered (in practice this means the wearing of a light shawl or pashmina). Married ladies may wear tiaras.

Decorations are to be worn. Any queries regarding the wearing of decorations should be directed to the Clerk’s Office.

Court and Officers’ badges are to be worn.

Founder/Founding Member lapel badges and gold Members’ pins should be worn (but not magnetic name badges, please)

Cutlers’ Hall staff has the discretion to refuse entry to anyone not appropriately attired. Any queries regarding the suitability of dress should be directed to the Clerk’s Office as soon as possible to avoid difficulty.

Timings and Arrivals

Invitations will be issued and you must bring your (individually named) invitation with you.

A Ceremonial Court to admit new Freemen will begin in the Court Rooms at 6.15pm, and all are very warmly invited to witness this. Please note that no entry to the Court Rooms will be possible during the Court itself, so please ensure you arrive in good time.

A reception will be served in the Court Rooms from 7pm.

Dinner will be served in the Livery Hall at 7.30pm.

Carriages (strictly) at 10.30pm.


To book click here or forward a cheque to The Clerk

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